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Detective shot out tires after suspect ran, started car, drove aggressively at officers

Rio Rancho police officers prepare Jeremy Robertson for treatment by an emergency medical worker after he was captured during foot and vehicle pursuits Jan. 9 in Rio Rancho. (File photo)

Rio Rancho police officers prepare Jeremy Robertson for treatment by an emergency medical worker after he was captured during foot and vehicle pursuits Jan. 9 in Rio Rancho. (File photo)

The Albuquerque man who led police on a high-speed chase on Southern Boulevard last month had backed his car aggressively out of a parking spot with several Albuquerque detectives nearby and two reaching in the window before one detective shot at the tires, according to Rio Rancho Police reports.

On Jan. 9, Jeremy Robertson, 33, was arrested after fleeing from detectives who tried to arrest him on felony warrants in the Walgreens parking lot at NM 528 and Southern Boulevard.

An Albuquerque detective told Rio Rancho Police investigators that officers with the Albuquerque Police Department Auto Theft Unit had found Robertson in a stolen pickup on University Boulevard in Albuquerque on Jan. 7. When they approached Robertson, he rammed undercover police vehicles, drove over landscaping equipment and fled at a high speed, the detective said.


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On Jan. 8, APD obtained a warrant for Robertson’s arrest. That day, APD Repeat Offender Project detectives found two people in a stolen Jeep, which the two claimed Robertson had given them, the detective said.

On Jan. 9, according to reports, Repeat Offender Project undercover detectives followed Robertson to the Walgreens. They asked for help from a uniformed Rio Rancho officer.

According to reports, detectives approached Robertson as he was digging through trash in the Walgreens trash container. Robertson fled back to his four-door Infiniti with Albuquerque detectives chasing him.

As Robertson started the car, two APD detectives broke a window and reached inside the vehicle to try to stop him from putting the Infiniti in reverse. Detective Russell Carter shot out two of the Infiniti’s tires, firing his patrol rifle four times.

However, Robertson began backing up with the two men still leaning in the window, according to reports. Three other APD detectives were standing near the car and feared Robertson would hit them.

The Rio Rancho officer wrote that Robertson backed rapidly from the parking space and struck his police car while he was inside it. Then, APD Det. Keith Sandy rammed the Infiniti with his own unmarked police vehicle, sending the sedan into a landscaped area.

Robertson drove forward, hitting the RRPD car again and bending the rear axle, according to reports. During that time, Carter shot out a third tire of the Infiniti with two more bullets.

APD Det. Steve Walsh told a Rio Rancho investigator he tried to shoot at the Infiniti, but the cartridge failed to fire. By the time he reloaded, he said, the vehicle was speeding away, so he didn’t try again.


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Sandy pursued Robertson westbound on Southern at a high rate of speed, and Robertson began driving into eastbound traffic, according to reports.

Sandy again rammed the Infiniti, which spun into the rear of a bystander’s pickup and then jumped the curb onto Entrada Pointe Apartments property near Country Club Drive.

Robertson fled on foot, but another APD detective caught him. Robertson elbowed the detective in the chest during the apprehension, according to reports.

Robertson was given medical treatment after his arrest.

Also, an Albuquerque officer gave the bystander whose truck was hit the number for Albuquerque Risk Management and told her to call to have her truck fixed.

When Rio Rancho officers searched Robertson’s car later, they found a glass pipe and digital scale in the glove box, according to reports.

Robertson was charged with three counts of aggravated battery on a peace officer, three counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer, aggravated fleeing of a law enforcement officer and battery on a peace officer, all felonies.