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Crum make golf club proposal

Councilor Tim Crum is proposing that the city of Rio Rancho should consider working with any entity interested in buying and improving the ailing Chamisa Hills Golf and Country Club.

Crum made the proposal in the form of a resolution, which councilors will consider at their Wednesday meeting.

It says the city will consider proposals for a contract rate for recycled water from a potential buyer.

It also says the city will consider proposals for a public-private partnership that would allow the Chamisa Hills property to be improved and remain as a golf course, or consider proposals for the “logical redevelopment of the property.”

Crum said on Friday that he proposed the resolution because the property is deteriorating and it would be a loss to city amenities and tax revenue if it goes under.

Crum’s District 5 does not include the golf course but he believes its future is of concern to the entire city.


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“It would be an overall loss for the city if we don’t reach out,” Crum said. “I didn’t see anybody else stepping forward and decided to take the lead on this.”

Chamisa has a soon-to-expire contract to get treated wastewater for irrigation from the city for 47 cents per 1,000 gallons. Water rates the council approved last year will increase Chamisa’s rate to $3.28 per 1,000 gallons on July 1.

The current owner Harry Apodaca put the property up for auction last May, citing the water rates as a key factor in his decision. The auction drew no bidders, but local businessman Michael Schumacher then approached Apodaca with a purchase offer. Schumacher asked the city to consider lower water rates and later withdrew his offer.