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Fundraising/spending imbalance for PAC supporting Gonzales for Santa Fe mayor is OK, city says

SANTA FE, N.M. — City government spokeswoman Jodie Porter, in response to to a Journal question, says there’s nothing wrong with a PAC reporting that it has spent more than it’s raised for Santa Fe’s mayor’s race.

Last week, union-backed Santa Fe Working Families PAC reported raising only about $5,000 dollars but spending more than $11,000 via checks on a poll and to the PAC’s treasurer’s political consulting firm. The PAC supports Javier Gonzales over Patti Bushee and Bill Dimas in the mayor’s race.

“The city code requires reports including contributions and expenditures,” said city spokeswoman Jodi Porte, in response to a call to the City Attorney’s Office.  “The city code does not prohibit an entity reporting more expenditures than contributions.”

Keegan King, treasurer for the PAC, said Monday via email: “In order to be as transparent as possible, we consulted the City Clerk on how to report expenses. She said that we report an expense when that expense has been incurred, not when it’s been paid. For example, let’s say candidate A purchases yard signs on Feb. 1, but has 30 days to pay for them. Candidate A needs to report the expense on Feb. 1, not in early March. We reported all incurred expenses in our report, which is much more transparent than reporting just the expenses you’ve paid for.”

As for the PAC’s report saying it had paid the polling firm and King’s consulting firm via check even though the PAC hasn’t raised enough to cover the $11,55 total for the two payments, King said: “Similarly, we consulted the City Clerk on how to report these expenses.

“My firm’s fee and the fee to the polling firm are incurred expenses, but my firm has not been paid in full and the polling firm has not been paid yet. The expense form provided by the city requires that you list the `method of payment.’ The payment has not been made, but it will be made via check when the payment is made.”


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Over the weekend, Bushee issued a statement characterizing Santa Fe Working Families campaign report this way: “Working Families has since spent $11,555, but, echoing the fate of many working families, appears to have only raised $5,000. The entire $5,000 came from the Washington DC offices of AFSCME. Where the remaining $6,555 came from is a mystery, given that it remains unreported.”