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Omaree’s father learns of child’s death, speaks out

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — New Mexico doesn’t have the death penalty, but if it were up to Christopher Clewis, that’s what Synthia Varela-Casaus would get after admitting to police that she killed her 9-year-old son Omaree Varela.

Clewis, 37, who is disabled and lives in Dallas, isn’t just some random guy with a sense of outrage and an opinion. “I am Omaree’s biological father,” he told the Journal on Tuesday.

“I hope Synthia gets put to death. She didn’t give my son a chance to live, and hearing what she had done to him, the physical and mental abuse, I don’t even want to think about the kind of person Omaree would have turned out to be because of her.”

Clewis said one reason he never played a role in Omaree’s life is that he was in jail himself at that time on a kidnapping charge.
Clewis said he only learned of his son’s death Thursday night while on the Internet looking at sports items on CNN.
“I saw a story out of Albuquerque about the death of a child named Omaree. I hit the link and I was sure it was my baby. I saw his picture. He looked just like me. I was devastated and shocked. I cried. That’s my son, that’s my blood. I just wanted to reach through the Internet and grab him and take him away. I wished I could have helped him. I punish myself for that.”

For more details see Wednesday’s Albuquerque Journal.



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