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Sports Speak Up! for Sunday, Feb. 16

  • I HAVE TO sympathize with Timmy about men’s skating. We need to ramp things up. Why not combine figure skating with speed skating? How about ice hurdles – sprint to the barrier and axel over. The X-Games dudes would love it!

– Brian, Albuquerque

  • MR.WRIGHT’S last two Lady Lobos articles went halfway there. Ms. Sanchez is not a D1 coach and should be reassigned to another position in the Athletic Department! Poor substitution rotations, “in the game”defensive adjustments and no execution following timeouts continue each game. Both Boise and Utah State beat us with only one or two players. … Commit to future with Chavez, Keller, Brown, Lapeyrolerie and Schumpert to start. Bench Halasz and Vaughn given turnovers and disappearing acts every game. Practice foul shots at beginning, middle and end of each practice! Let assistants do the game coaching and let players play and get confidence.

— Still attending, DLS

  • I JUST WANT the Lady Lobos to know that they are loved here in New Mexico too. Good Job Ladies, you are a growing team and should be proud of yourselves, you all play your hearts out and we as fans appreciate that. Also would like to know how come Coach Sanchez is not featured on the LOBO coaches show that airs every week? A lot of us … like hearing about the Lady Lobos as well as the men.

– D. Badsgard

  • I HEAR PEOPLE complaining about the coach Neal’s decision to give more playing time to his son, rather than the more athletically and defensively talented Pancake Thomas or Arthur Edwards. Some suggest that playing time is earned in practice, and that Cullen is a great practice player. Just an observation – Thomas and Edwards do deserve more playing time, because Cullen is not good defensively. Some suggest that he is a better ball handler than Thomas, I’m not buying it! It may be that at the end of the year, and the Lobos go to the NIT, maybe someone will wake up. We may miss Tony Snell but honestly, I miss Jamal Fenton more!

– Will in Santa Fe

  • REGARDING JC’S comments in “Sports Speak Up” in the Journal’s edition on 2/14, I totally agree. However, he suggested that Cullen Neal should transfer to UCLA; that will never happen. Others have questioned Craig Neal’s coaching ability; the perfect solution would be to have Coach Neal take a position at a Division II school and take Cullen with him. Cullen could play 40 minutes a game, and he would be playing at a level where he could possibly be an asset to some other program.


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– Lobo Alum