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Dimas knows how to solve tough issues

SANTA FE, N.M. — Every four years, citizens of Santa Fe have the opportunity to select a mayor to guide the city in a direction that improves on the past. The job requires a steady hand, an honest commitment to the public good and integrity to be true to the values of our community. Bill Dimas has demonstrated (those qualities) for decades and will move Santa Fe in a positive direction.

Bill Dimas talks with freshman Mariah Brown at Capital High School. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)

Bill Dimas talks with freshman Mariah Brown at Capital High School. (Eddie Moore/Albuquerque Journal)

As a police officer, magistrate judge (and for 10 years, the chief judge), and city councilor, Bill has given this community many years of valuable service. As the coach of many boys and girls teams in softball, baseball, basketball and football, he has provided more than 40 years of mature guidance and wisdom to hundreds of young people. As a husband of 31 years, father and grandfather, he has lived the family life in the spirit and joy that this community provides.

As a candidate for mayor, Dimas provides a clear and simple message for the future of our city: Utilize our limited resources wisely and efficiently for the benefit of residents and visitors alike and recognize the contributions of our public employees who work hard for moderate pay. Expect employees to perform their job in a manner that reflects a city government committed to essential and quality public service for everyone.

More specifically, Dimas envisions a safer Santa Fe with a police department that provides more focus on drug-related crimes, since 95 percent of burglaries are committed by drug-dependent users. He believes that city government can benefit from better planning that is proactive rather than reactive. He knows that while our water conservation efforts have been successful, we have to do more. He recognizes that the Living Wage must be scrutinized closely to ensure that the small businesses necessary for a secure economy can survive. He knows from his current service as a city councilor that there are serious issues with the financial structure of our government and that it will require keen minds and sound judgment to find the resources to provide a sound economy.

Finally, Dimas has been recognized as the candidate of the Santa Fe Police Officers Association, the Santa Fe County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Lodge 3 of Fraternal Order of Police, and the Director of the New Mexico Fraternal Order of Police and Capitol City Branch 989 of the National Association of Letter Carriers.


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These are working people who support the candidate that can bring this community together to solve tough problems in the next four years – Bill Dimas!

Jack Hiatt is the former Santa Fe Land Use Director, campaign manager and friend of Bill Dimas for 26 years.