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Municipal judge candidates share their visions for court

The Rio Rancho Observer asked the candidates for Rio Rancho municipal judge to submit biographical information and respond to a questionnaire.

Each was asked these questions:

1-Why are you running for judge?

2-What qualities or experiences would make you a better municipal judge than your opponents?


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3-What do you believe is the biggest issue, or issues, in Rio Rancho as far as crime, and how would you address it through your role as municipal judge?

4-Do you believe the municipal court system is operated efficiently? What would you do to improve it?

5-What is your philosophy in dealing with a first-time DWI offender? A repeat DWI offender?

6-What do you feel is the most effective way to deal with first-time juvenile offenders? Repeat juvenile offenders?

7-How would you handle a case in which the legal standard is clear but differs with your personal beliefs?

Here are their responses:

G. Robert Cook

Jeffrey A. Goen

Ramon Montaño