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Corrales Village Council Candidates District 1



AGE: 72

 Tom Brown.

Tom Brown.

EDUCATION: Bachelor Business Administration (BBA); University of New Mexico, 1970.


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OCCUPATION: Retired; Department of Communications Services, City of Dallas (1970-71); Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (1971-2005).

FAMILY: Wife, Cindy Harvey; three daughters.

POLITICAL/GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: U.S. Navy, Active Duty (1960-1964); City of Dallas, 1970-1971.

MAJOR PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: I enjoyed a successful sales career where I created and maintained long-term relationships with customers. I managed a budget and resource allocation in a highly regulated environment, and consistently exceeded both short- and long-term goals.

MAJOR PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: My family! I have been married for 29 happy years and have three daughters and one grandson who I am very proud of. And, over the years, I have perfected a world-class pot of posole.



AGE: 60


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EDUCATION: University of Virginia Graduate School of Retail Banking, Charlottesville, Virginia; University of Nebraska-Lincoln – M.A., Spanish & English, 1982; University of Nebraska-Lincoln – B.A., Spanish & Latin American Studies, 1977; Universidad de las Americas – Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.

Ennio Andrés García-Miera.

Ennio Andrés García-Miera.

OCCUPATION: FINANCIAL SERVICES/HIGHER EDUCATION. I have held various executive level positions between 1988 and the present in the financial services and financial services marketing and higher educations areas with the following organizations: GENERAL MOTORS/GMAC, Horsham, PA.; FANNIE MAE, Washington, D.C.; PARTNERS FIRST CREDIT CARDS, LLC, Boston, MA; PUEBLO FINANCIAL CORPORATION, The Woodlands, TX; Bank of America, San Francisco, CA; and INROADS INC. San Francisco, CA/Houston, TX. I have also held higher education positions at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Texas at Austin.

FAMILY: Three sons, one grandson, one granddaughter.

POLITICAL/GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCE: Commissioner, Nebraska State Mexican American Commission. Appointed by Gov. Bob Kerry. Chair, Legislative Review Committee – Nebraska State Mexican American Commission, 1983; Member, Metropolitan Transportation Board – Albuquerque Metro Area, 2010; Councilor, Village of Corrales, New Mexico – elected position, term 2010-2014.

MAJOR PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: (Did not answer the question.)

MAJOR PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: Although I have had many professional and educational accomplishments, I am most proud of having raised my three sons as a single parent. They are all three very successful young men in every sense of the word.

Questions to Corrales Village Council Candidates District 1

Q: Do you believe the village should use public funding to assist residents to connect to the new wastewater system?

BROWN: Yes. I believe this is a crucial step in creating equal access to this important infrastructure. Access will lead to increased environmental stability and is a step in creating favorable conditions for appropriate economic development.

GARC͍A-MIERA: No. The word “assist” on the bond question is misleading. The plan is to offer loans funded from the bond revenue to limited-income villagers. These are loans that they can’t afford, so they can hook up to a system they don’t want or need. It is against the anti-donation clause in our state statutes for the village to give monies directly to anyone.

Q: What steps can the village take to stimulate economic development?

BROWN: The current work on the enhanced waste water infrastructure is a good first step in this process. It will allow established businesses to offer longer hours to patrons. And it will allow us to attract new businesses that may have been reticent to locate in the Village.

GARCÍA-MIERA: We need to truly empower our Corrales Main Street organization to diversify and expand our Gross Receipts Tax base by attracting businesses that are compatible with Corrales culture: equestrian, agriculture, nature activities, bicycling, cuisine and the arts.

Q: In consideration of Corrales’ tight budgetary situation, do you believe the village should reduce the number of village employees so the village can offer higher salaries to attract and retain quality staff?

BROWN: I believe our current fire and police departments are doing an excellent job; Corrales is a very safe place to live and that is a direct result of the quality of current staff. Reducing staff would have a negative effect on village efficiency and safety.

GARCÍA-MIERA: This question assumes that we don’t have quality staff now. I think we do. We should give our hardworking staff the training they need to make use of technology to increase efficiency. Our current budget situation is due to frivolous spending.

Q: Current zoning regulations covering communications (cell) towers only refer to height restrictions. Would you support developing regulations on the location and appearance of communications towers?

BROWN: Yes. I believe the addition of more specific language to the restrictions would clarify our approach and allow us to make better decisions.
GARCÍA-MIERA: I support regulations that maintain the visual beauty of our village. In order to do this, regulations regarding location and appearance are viable.

Q: Would you support the establishment of a no-kill animal shelter in Corrales; explain your reasons?

BROWN: A task force has been appointed to compile information related to this project, with recommendations due to the Council by September 30th. We have rescue animals as a part of our family and I support the concept. I want to understand the short- and long-term financial implications for the village and weigh that information with other needs of the community.

GARCÍA-MIERA: Yes. We are already a no-kill community. We need a shelter. It is not fair to our overwhelmed volunteers to be doing the work of the municipality. It would also increase our adoptions by creating a central adoption center. It will be paid for with seed money from the village and private grants.

Q: The presence of coyotes has been a divisive issue in the community. Would you support an initiative to find broad consensus on the response and treatment of coyotes?

BROWN: Yes. Our understanding of this indigenous species in our environment is essential to finding appropriate management solutions that benefit both residents and wildlife.

GARCÍA-MIERA: here is a community group looking at this issue and, in accordance with the existing management plan, it would be invaluable to make a diverse group into an official task force to help people learn to protect their animals and co-exist with coyotes. I would never support euthanizing healthy animals.

Q: Have you or your business, if you are or have been a business owner, ever been the subject of any state or federal tax liens?



Q: Have you ever been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy proceeding?



Q: Have you ever been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of drunken driving, any misdemeanor or any felony in New Mexico or any other state?