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Find your inner navigator

SANTA FE, N.M. — Santa Fe has long been seen as a center for people searching their souls, scanning their chakras and exploring their past lives.

But Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity is a new one to us. The workshop will be at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center this weekend, where participants apparently will be “…discovering our inner world where dreams and visions are born…”

Organizers with Cleargreen Inc. based in California say the workshop connects with the seers of Mexico to help participants learn about “dreaming awake” and “awaken our own creative, connected side and cultivate within ourselves our own deep, seer’s silent nature…” It also talks about becoming a navigator — GPS apparently doesn’t work in this context.

The workshop also includes a two-day tour to Chaco Canyon and Bandelier. It’s interesting to wonder what the one-time inhabitants would have thought, busy growing their crops, raising kids and building their homes, if someone told them seekers centuries later would be visiting their ruins of their homes to expand their consciousness. Seems we can see them chuckling…


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