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Sports Speak Up!

  • COACH NOODLES: You are doing an outstanding job. That being said, please stick to coaching and avoid making poor public comments that impact your image and the UNM’s athletic program. Taking it upon yourself to announce a possible basketball game, in a football stadium against The University of Arizona, cost UNM and the fans a great opportunity. It was very clear the AD at Arizona was disappointed in you releasing this information, therefore we are not in the mix any longer. Big dollars and tremendous exposure lost. It’s OK to defer to your AD or school president on these decisions.

– Bill

  • THESE FOLKS griping about Neal’s reference to war: Get a life. Sports lingo includes, war in the trenches, throwing the bomb, breaking out the heavy artillery, air raid offense, run and gun, trapping defense (the poor little critters) smash mouth, explosion, banging away, blitz , attacking defense, dropped the bomb, final nail in the coffin, final dagger, ….oops better stop , you’re probably running in to your child’s room for ear muffs and blinders. Have I attacked your defense?

– Fran

If ever any of those cringe-worthy clichés get into our (local) sports copy, please call us out on it. – Randy, Journal

  • AM DISGUSTED at how many people gave smack to Coach Neal about his “go to war” comment. Leave this coach alone–before you lose him to a school that has a fan base that appreciates what he has to offer. And to address one specific tag: Would you have preferred him to call the game ‘a police action?’ Vietnam is over with; move on with your life. Coach Neal did NOT trivialize anything. And he is right about the handshake scenario, which is just fake gesture.


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– TimothyD

  • I WAS SO incensed at Craig Neal for using the expression “Going to War” that I had to change my pants, due to a dishonorable discharge.

– Vince Guillen

  • IF THE LOBOS go as high as the 5th seed in the Big Dance, my money is on the 12th seed, another little pussycat from the Ivy League.

– TK

  • If those persons that threw the cup and water bottle were true Lobo supporters, they would have publicly owned up already and apologized. Hopefully, those sitting around them who know who they are have ID’d them to the Lobos what true supporters would do.

– Bigchris41

They know who threw the cup, but at last report, they’ve yet to been able to talk to them before deciding on further action. – Randy, Journal

  • SO, IT HAS taken Jerry Jones 25 years to “regret” the firing of Coach Tom (Mr. Integrity) Landry. What took so long? The day that Jerry “the carpetbagger” Jones unceremoniously kicked Coach Landry down the road was the day that the Dallas Cowboys stopped being “America’s Team”. And as long as Jerry Jones remains the Cowboys owner the Dallas Cowboys will remain a second rate team.

– Jon from Española

  • I NEVER SUGGESTED that ballet was, or should be considered a “sport.” I only said that by any definition (especially those offered by Jack Bowers and Rodney) dancers are athletes, but asked if other judged competitions are “sports”, why not dance? I used ballet as an example only to provide maximum contrast with judged Olympic events, but I could just as well have used competitive ballroom dancing. The only real difference between pairs figure skating and what you see on Dancing with the Stars is that the skaters do it on ice.

– Brian, Albuquerque