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Sports Speak Up!

  • AGAIN THE SMALL schools are treated like second class citizens when it comes to a State Championship Basketball experience. Guess what Class B & 1A, if you dream of running down the pit ramp, you have to make the Championship game. Sorry, You don’t even get the Santa Ana. Maybe the 53 rural schools of NM should create their own activities association…maybe Cruces would be more hospitable.

– Proud.2B.rural

  • KENDALL WILLIAMS, Cameron Bairstow & Chris Perez, thank you seniors for your hard work, dedication & for all of your wonderful accomplishments while here at UNM. You are sincerely appreciated & you will truly be missed. Thanks for fighting tooth & nail for the lobo nation. We are again just that close from defending our MWC titles, make it happen lobos, we believe in you. Lets go Lobos !


  • NICK BANYARD spats with coach and never sees floor again, coaches kid who’s only attribute is spot up shooter in my mind, spats with coach and coach says its to push buttons. Clearly favoritism is going on at UNM.

– Chris

  • I HAVE A CONCERN that coach Neal is mishandling the Nick Banyard Case. Nick has paid his dues. He should have started last year. His fans suffered with him as he sat forlornly on the bench. Neal and his Asst should read the account of an analogous dilemma in the last 72 hours of the leader of the French revolutuon.


  • COACH NEAL I think your interviews would be improved by your sitting up and looking directly into the camera, instead down at your lap.

– A Senior Neal and Junior Neal supporter

  • MY VOTE GOES to Cameron Bairstow, without his points, defense and leadership we would not be in contention for another conference title. Clearly Kendall cannot play defense, if you watch the player he’s guarding, that player is raining 3’s, until coach Neal makes an adjustment and has Hugh guard that player. I just hate the way he Hotdogs after making a play that most senior players should make. He’s not Dariese Gary who would carry the team on his back, especially at the end of the game.

– Joe A Duran

  • PERHAPS INSTEAD of the Coach Sanchez’s phrase “I am so proud of those girls”, it should be changed to “How many of you want to play basketball next year?”


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– DH

  • HEADS UP Lady Lobo fans: Here’s you chance to see the women have a real shot at a sure win. Just login to the Mountain West website and go to the UNM-AFA game on Tuesday and watch the video stream.

– jpb

  • HARD TO UNDERSTAND what the purpose of ESPN3 really is. It is useless to most Lobo basketball fans (i.e., Comcast, DISH, DirecTV, CenturyLink customers).  Can ESPN possibly think that fans would actually to an “affiliate provider” just to watch the games online? I would like someone to explain what value, if any, ESPN3 has. Certainly none to the MWC in NM.

– Ken in Tijeras