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Campaign finance reports: Hull outraises, outspends opponents

Campaign finance reports filed Monday with the Rio Rancho city clerk show mayoral candidate Gregg Hull outraised and outspent the majority of his opponents and other candidates involved in Tuesday’s municipal election.

Hull’s report for the period ending March 3 showed he raised a total of $42,150 and spent $37,140. Of that, $10,405 came from donations received since he filed his first report on Feb. 4. Hull contributed $5,000 to his own campaign during the last month, on top of the $16,000 out of his own pocket that he reported in February.

His nearest fundraising rival, Mike Williams, reported he raised $17,355 and spent $13,198.

Hull and Williams will face off in a runoff election as neither was able to get the required 50 percent of total votes cast.

Of the other mayoral candidates, Jim Owen’s report showed he raised and spent $1,415. Morgan Braden received $3,060 in donations and spent $2,953.

Campaign finance reports for council candidates in District 2 showed that: Dawnn Robinson, who won the race, raised $6,014 and spent $5,217; Sandra Atwood raised $2,223 and spent $2,171; and Darlene Collins raised $5,980 and spent $3,147.


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In District 3, the winner, Cheryl Everett, raised $3,872 and spent $3,538; and Tamara Gutierrez, the incumbent, raised $4,784 and spent $3,581.

In District 5 candidates: Shelby Smith raised $833 and spent $700; Thomas Buckner raised $4,730 and spent $3,189; Tim Crum raised $2,217 and spent $2,010; and Paul Howell raised $3,323 and spent $3,062. Crum lost his bid for re-election, and Smith and Buckner will face each other in a runoff election.

As for municipal judge candidates, G. Robert Cook, who was relected, raised $5,380 and spent $3,872; Jeffrey Goen raised and spent $919; and Roman Montano’s report showed no contributions and no expenditures. His first report showed he raised $577 and spent $572 by Feb 4.

The reports are posted on the city’s website.