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Crimea’s parliament pushes for independence

SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine – As the campaign increased for tension-filled Crimea to split from Ukraine in a weekend referendum and join Russia, the region’s parliament said Tuesday that, if voters approve the move, it would first declare itself an independent state, a maneuver that could de-escalate the standoff between Moscow and the West.

This would give Moscow the option of saying Crimea does not need to become part of Russia, while keeping it firmly within its sphere of influence.

The dispute between Moscow and the West over Crimea is one of the most severe geopolitical crises in Europe since the end of the Cold War. Russian forces have secured control over the peninsula, but Ukraine’s government and Western nations have denounced the referendum as illegitimate and strongly warned Russia against trying to annex Crimea.

Backers of voting to split from Ukraine in Sunday’s referendum say becoming part of Russia would return the Black Sea peninsula to its rightful home. Billboards around the regional capital proclaimed “Together with Russia” and street vendors were selling Russian flags to passing motorists.

But Russia’s absorbing Crimea would worsen tensions with the West and parliament’s declaration could put the bid on hold, depending on the outcome of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bargaining with the West.


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In Sunday’s referendum, the public will have two options: becoming part of Russia, or remaining in Ukraine with broader powers.