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Richard Yanez of Albuquerque, landed a 5-pound 21-inch rainbow trout with Hatchery Chews PowerBait on March 8 at Shady Lakes

Andrew Orlicky of Albuquerque caught and released a 10.25-pound carp at the Albuquerque Drain on March 8. He was using worms.

Cody Johnson, 3, of Farmington, caught a 13-inch rainbow trout at Farmington Lake on Marcdh 9. He was fishing with his dad and using PowerBait.


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SHADY LAKES: The record catch of the week is a hefty 5-pound 21-inch rainbow reeled in on March 8 using Hatchery Chew PowerBait. As of Tuesday, the trout catching continues to be strong even though we haven’t yet stocked for the spring season. These late-winter trout have wonderful color and flavor. Worms, power bait, and salmon eggs are working well, with 15 to 16 inches currently as the average size. With the slowly increasing temperatures, the bass activity is beginning to pick up. Highest reported number caught and released was 2 on crankbaits (and plastic worms with a slow, lazy retrieval for the half-asleep bass). Bluegill are beginning to show up and bite on flies. Shady Lakes is now open daily. The Monday-Friday hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are open Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Jan Phillips, director

ELEPHANT BUTTE: Fishing for stripers, walleyes, crappies and whitebass has been the best in the past 10 years here due to low water levels and concentrating fish. Water has been warming up and fish have been biting. Frank Viloria, Land of Enchantment Fishing Adventures

NOTES FROM GAME & FISH: Water flow on the SAN JUAN RIVER below Navajo Dam on Monday was 314 cfs. Trout fishing through the Quality Waters was good using chartreuse, cream and clown egg patterns, red and bright orange annelids, cream UFOs and red and brown San Juan worms. Through the bait waters trout fishing was fair to good using salmon eggs, PowerBait, jerk baits, size 12 dark woolly buggers and red copper John Barrs.

Fishing for trout at EAGLE NEST LAKE was good using PowerBait, salmon eggs, Pistol Petes and worms. Fishing for perch was fair to good using worms. Fishing for northern pike was slow to fair using crank baits, PowerBait and worms. The lake remains closed to boating but open for bank fishing.

At FENTON LAKE, trout fishing was very good for anglers using worms or anything in a dark green. That included wooly buggers, Pistol Petes and green PowerBait. Anglers did well fishing from boats and from the bank.

The JEMEZ RIVER was flowing at 33 cfs on Monday. Fishing on the Jemez was fair to good using small bead-head nymphs and salmon eggs.

Trout fishing from boats and from the bank at LAKE MALOYA was good for anglers using salmon peach and orange PowerBait and white Berkley power eggs. The lake was free of ice.

Water flow on the RIO GRANDE near the Taos Junction Bridge on Monday was 687 cfs. Trout fishing picked up a bit this past week in the Pilar area and was rated as fair by anglers using BWOs, parachute adams, streamers and worms.

At STORRIE LAKE, trout fishing was fair using PowerBait, salmon eggs and homemade dough bait.

Fishing at UTE LAKE was fair to good using blade baits, slab spoons and jig and minnow combinations for walleye. Most of the fish caught were found in 40 to 50 feet of water.

At BLUEWATER LAKE, fishing was good using deceivers, Clouser minnows, jerk baits, crank baits and spoons for flies for 25 to 32-inch tiger muskies. Fishing for all other species was slow.

Fishing for northern pike at NAVAJO LAKE was slow to fair using jerk baits and crank baits.