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Our leaders failed us, so we must work for a better world

From “Change we can believe in,” to “Common sense changes we need” has been a long empty road. But we can’t walk this road much longer.

Let’s post some signs to show the way to a better world. Here’s a start.

1. Repair the damage at home. That means giving attention to infrastructure, which is sorely in need of attention. It means ending the culture of violence that permeates our society. It means restoring the opportunity for economic security through hard work and a job with a secure retirement possible. It means a health care system that is open to all at an affordable price.

2. Repair the damage in Washington, DC. That means a lot of things – ending partisan gridlock and corporate money corrupting the system. It means restoring a government by and for the people. It means restoring trust and openness. It means honesty and commitment to American values. Etc., etc.

3. Repair the damage to the planet. Take the pollution problem seriously and move our energy policy away from fossil fuels to clean, sustainable methods. Keep our water safe from toxic chemicals. Keep our food safe. Take care of our beautiful land with parks and open space for all to enjoy.

4. Repair the damage to our thinking. It’s a bad idea to think that we’re the greatest, that we can rule the world. Might doesn’t make right. The world doesn’t need a superpower. It needs respect for differences in culture and self-determination, individual human rights, access to needed resources and peaceful solutions to conflicts.


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5. Repair the damage to relationships. Inequality within our country creates divisions and animosities. Inequality between countries creates fear and distrust. Adopt policies of cooperation instead of competition. Small changes in our values can lead to helping behaviors.

Yes, it’s time for change. It’s what we voted for in 2008. It’s what we are still waiting for, and the time is getting short.

Our elected leaders have failed us, sad to say. We, the people, must see clearly because we are the ones who must bring these changes about. Let’s repave this road for a smoother trip to a nonviolent and better world.