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The river is running through Santa Fe

SANTA FE, N.M. — The Santa Fe River is wet and running again, one of the sure signs of spring.

City officials explained in a news release that water is being released from McClure Reservoir to avoid abnormally high levels for an extended period and to get ready for the spring runoff from the melting mountain snow.

McClure is at 78 percent of capacity and has been at or near 80 percent for one of the longest times since 1926, according to Alex Puglisi, interim source of supply manager. Part of the influx came with a major rainfall last September, which raised levels by 21 percent of the reservoir’s total volume.

The current releases, some 8 cubic feet per second, will send some water to treatment and use as drinking water, while some of the flow will be diverted into the Acequia Madre.

Flows are expected to continue through the spring, tapering off in the summer, and the reservoir is slated to be empty by Sept. 1 so the dam can be renovated.


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