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Teresa Tapia divorcing

After some four months of marriage, Teresa Tapia and her first husband’s half-brother are divorcing.
The widow of five-time world champion boxer Johnny Tapia married Jeffrey Padilla in November, a few months after Padilla was released from prison — having served time on charges that included second-degree murder.
In 2010, it was revealed that Jerry Padilla, Jeffrey’s father, was Johnny Tapia’s biological father.
Johnny Tapia died in May 2012 from heart disease at age 45.
Both Tapia and Padilla said their decison to marry was a mistake made in haste.
“After four months of turbulent marriage to Jeffrey Padilla, I decided to end the marriage,” Teresa Tapia said in an emailed statement. “It was a decision that I take very seriously.
“I have learned that by moving on after the death of Johnny, is that I was unprepared and clueless of how to adapt to someone new. I have arrived at the conclusion that I would much rather live on my memories of Johnny, our marriage, family, and remaining his widow forever instead of being anyone else’s wife.”
The emailed release also included a statement from Padilla.
“After long and careful consideration on both our parts, Teresa and I have decided to end our marriage,” Padilla said. “After 14 years of being incarcerated, I now realize that it was too early to jump into a marriage situation. I need to take the time to keep working on bettering myself.”


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