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NM Supreme Court sends Rep. Sandra Jeff candidacy case back to lower court

Rep. Sandra Jeff, D-Crownpoint, is still not assured a spot on the June 3 primary election ballot, after the Supreme Court today reversed a decision by a Gallup district court judge and sent the case back for an additional hearing.

The Gallup judge had previously dismissed an attempt to bump Jeff, a maverick Democrat, off the ballot for failing to turn in enough valid voter signatures.

In that ruling, the judge found Jeff had not been provided adequate notice of the allegations against her.

However, the Supreme Court today ordered a Friday hearing be held on the merits of the candidate challenge. The high court also barred Secretary of State Dianna Duran’s office from sending out primary ballots to House District 5 voters until a lower court decision is announced.

Two Democratic candidates have filed to run against Jeff in the primary election — Charles Long and Doreen Johnson.

The McKinley County voter who filed the signature challenge is a Johnson supporter.

Check tomorrow’s Journal for a full story, including reaction.


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