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Take it or leave it: Cage the Elephant continues to evolve

Rock band Cage the Elephant’s new video for “Take It or Leave It” was inspired by the movie “American Hustle.”

Rock band Cage the Elephant’s new video for “Take It or Leave It” was inspired by the movie “American Hustle.”

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Matt Shultz is gearing up to head to the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, Calif. Though it’s a huge festival, he’s not worried.

“We’ve played this before and I’m looking forward to seeing some great bands,” he says during a recent interview from Los Angeles. “We’re also excited to get back out on tour.”

Though Shultz and his rock band, Cage the Elephant, had a few days off, the group recently got back from a tour in South America.

Shultz, the vocalist, says being down there gave him some inspiration for new material.

“I write every day,” he says. “I also collect little ideas along the way and eventually they turn into songs.”

Cage the Elephant was formed in 2006 in Bowling Green, Ky. It is touring in support of its fourth album, “Melophobia,” which was released in late 2013.


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Shultz and crew, which consists of Brad Shultz, Daniel Tichenor, Nick Bockrath and Jared Champion, recently released the video for “Take It or Leave It.” The video also has an Instagram campaign where fans can post #takeitorleaveit to the band’s site and be featured all over social media.

The idea for the video came from Shultz and was inspired by the movie “American Hustle.”

“I had just watched it and was inspired by the 1970s leisure suit,” he says. “And we wanted to add some roller skating into it. Who doesn’t love roller skating?”

Along with the trip to South America, Shultz says the band was looking for new sounds to incorporate to its music. He says it’s important for the band to continue to evolve.

“We’ve been a band for nearly 10 years now,” he says. “I think that with each record, we’ve been able to evolve with our sound and find new inspirations. It’s important for me to keep looking for inspiration because it helps me grow as a songwriter and a musician.”