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John Gammon talks life in ‘The Middle’ & more

Actor John Gammon appears in the ABC comedy, "The Middle."

Actor John Gammon appears in the ABC comedy, “The Middle.”

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — John Gammon takes everything in stride.

The actor — who is known for his work as Darrin in the ABC comedy series, “The Middle” — is also beginning to produce some projects on his own.

“This has all been interesting for me,” he says during a recent interview. “I originally auditioned for a different role on the show. Then a few months later, I came in for Darrin and was given the role.”


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On the show, Gammon stars alongside Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn, who are both TV and film veterans.

Gammon is one of the many young actors in the cast.

“It’s pretty cool to see and hear things they have to say about the business,” he says. “Working with them and just learning from them is more than I could have asked for.”

“The Middle” follows the daily mishaps of a married woman — Frankie Heck — and her semi-dysfunctional family and their attempts to survive life in general in the city of Orson, Ind.

Actor John Gammon.

Actor John Gammon.

The show airs at 7 p.m. Wednesdays and has been one of the comedies that continues to grow for ABC.

“I’m amazed that no one on the cast has won an Emmy,” he says. “The writing and the acting is so good, it’s amazing to be part of this cast.”

Darrin plays the best friend of Axl Heck, who often finds himself in funny circumstances.

Axl’s sister, Sue, has grown as a love interest for Darrin on the show.


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“Darrin’s off at trade school and taking control of his life,” he says. “He’s not the brightest person but he uses the smarts he has to his benefit. This is what Sue has fallen in love with. Both of them never really win at anything.”

Although Gammon has found acting, he admits it wasn’t something that crossed his mind.

He had taken acting classes in college, but his majors were Spanish and history with a minor in Latin American studies.

“It was fun doing the comedy stuff when I took the acting classes,” he says. “I didn’t know there was a science to it. Then I started training and it’s working out for me. Now it just makes sense to me.”

When he’s not filming on “The Middle,” Gammon is working on a TV project with his brother.

The duo has written a couple of episodes for the comedy.

He says it was inspired by working as a caddy while growing up in Cleveland.

“We both were caddies and we have a lot of material there,” he says. “The show is in the same vein as ‘Caddyshack.’ If you enjoy golf and play it, it’s about the funny things that happen. It’s not like ‘Tin Cup’ or ‘Legend of Baggar Vance.’ ”

In his short time as an actor, Gammon has learned that the industry always throws curveballs.

From left, Eden Sherr and John Gammon in a scene from "The Middle."

From left, Eden Sherr and John Gammon in a scene from “The Middle.”

“You don’t have control over anything,” he says. “You go in for an audition an then its all subjective. You can only go in and do your best. You never really know what they are looking for.”

Gammon admits while the role on “The Middle” is great, he always saw himself on “Breaking Bad.”

“I would have love to play something like Jesse’s (Pinkman) brother,” he says. “It would have been amazing to get out to New Mexico and be part of that crowd.”

Although “Breaking Bad” has since wrapped and completed its run, Gammon says he’s holding out hope for the spin-off “Better Call Saul.”

“I’m attracted to great writing,” he says. “I’m going to put it out in the universe and hopefully something will come up for that show.”

Actor John Gammon wished that he would have been cast in "Breaking Bad."

Actor John Gammon wished that he would have been cast in “Breaking Bad.”