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Family of woman shot by police praying for officer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The family of retired Valencia County Magistrate Court Judge Danny Hawkes issued a statement Friday saying the death of their 19-year-old daughter, who was killed by police this week, was a “horrible loss,” and that they were praying for the officer involved and his family.

Mary Hawkes was shot and killed by Albuquerque police early Monday during what police described as an auto theft followed by a foot chase in which Hawkes pointed a gun at the pursuing officer.

Mary Hawkes had had a number of run-ins with the law in recent years and was sentenced to two years' probation in 2011. (Courtesy of Carolina Acuna-Olvera)

Mary Hawkes had had a number of run-ins with the law in recent years and was sentenced to two years’ probation in 2011. (Courtesy of Carolina Acuna-Olvera)

“With deep sorrow we are writing this statement after learning of the tragic incident which occurred involving our daughter,” said the statement, sent to the Journal by email. “Despite all the issues she encountered in her short life, we as a family loved her and supported her and will deeply miss her. This horrible loss has saddened us to no end, a loss hard to explain, one that breaks our hearts. Precious family memories of Mary will help us through this time of grieving.”

The statement asked that the family be allowed to “grieve without the public spotlight on what happened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved, including the officer and his family.”

The shooting occurred just before 6 a.m. near Zuni and Wyoming SE about three hours after police saw Hawkes driving a vehicle that had been reported stolen earlier in the month. Police trailed her but lost her in traffic.

When the abandoned vehicle was located later, police found items inside that led them to identify Hawkes and a prior address for her at a nearby trailer park. Officers set up a perimeter around the trailer park, and witnesses later said they saw Hawkes jump a wall and flee across the street, where the fatal foot chase subsequently unfolded.

Police say Hawkes pointed a handgun at officer Jeremy Dear.


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Police Chief Gorden Eden, at a news conference, showed a replica of a .32 caliber semiautomatic gun manufactured by Davis Industries that he said was found near Hawkes’ body. He has not said if the gun was loaded. Police also have not said how many times Hawkes was shot, what type of weapon Dear used and how many shots were fired.

Mary was 7 when she and a younger sister were taken in and cared for by Danny Hawkes and his family. He later adopted the children.

Mary Hawkes had had a number of run-ins with the law in recent years for such things as underage drinking, shoplifting, possession of glue or aerosol spray, and assault, threat or menacing conduct. In 2011, she was charged as a juvenile with attempted criminal sexual contact of a child under 13, and was convicted of a lesser battery offense and sentenced to two years of probation, according to court records.