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Application first step to getting job

During the summer, many students and job seekers will be turning in job applications across the state. Submitting a successful job application is the first step towards finding the job you want and making a good impression.

NM DWSA prospective employer may use job applications to pre-screen candidates before they even begin looking at resumes, so you want to ensure that your application is neat and filled out correctly.

When picking up or dropping off an application, be sure that your appearance is appropriate. Dress as though you are going to an interview. Bring your information, résumé, pens, and something to write on in case they would like to you fill out the application on site. Do not forget important identification and information such as your driver’s license and Social Security number.

Most employers use their own tailored job application forms, and applications can really vary from business to business. Look over the blank application before you start filling in your information. Read the instructions carefully, and see what information is required that you may need to gather or research. Double-check the job application deadline or closing date.

Fill out your application in a neat, professional manner and check for misspellings before you turn it in. Instead of leaving areas blank, write “Does not apply” or N/A in spaces where appropriate.

For the job experience and employer information sections, complete them with all of your past employment history and then attach your résumé. Make sure that your application is consistent with your résumé, especially when it comes to employers’ names, employment dates, and job titles.


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Greet everyone politely in the office when dropping off your application. You never know when you may make a great impression on some of the office staff who may then mention their encounter with you to an interviewer or supervisor.

There is a lot of detailed information that goes into a job application, and it can be tedious if you are filling out several at a time. You will need a range of information including addresses and phone numbers of previous employers, as well as salaries for each previous job. To be better prepared, you can take your information with you on a “Pocket Résumé.” NMDWS provides a free copy of the Pocket Resume that you can use for quick reference at, under the “Job Seeker” heading.

The Pocket Resume is also a great resource to take with you to job fairs such as the upcoming Career Connect job fair, presented by the Albuquerque Journal, on Tuesday, April 29th from 1-7 p m at the Embassy Suites. Attend this free event to meet face-to-face with over a dozen companies looking for new employees.

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