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Refining interview process can result in benefits to organization

Kim Layton is vice president of education at Ogle School, an Arlington, Texas-based school for cosmetology and esthetics education. The school uses different interview methods to cull more than 18,000 applicant inquiries into 2,200 acceptances annually. Layton talked to the Dallas Morning News about conducting better interviews with prospective employees.

  • Develop an internal interview-interest questionnaire: Create a few interview questions specific to your culture. Ask your team to develop scenarios that someone in this role might face.
  • Prepare employees with an “elevator speech:” Who better to persuade future employees than your current employees? Prepare them by providing an elevator speech employees can use while networking and meeting candidates.
  • Use technology as an aid: Record interview sessions to help you identify commonly asked questions. Use those to refine the interview process.
  • Screen candidates with a FAQ: Once you determine those commonly asked questions, answer them on your website in a FAQ and in materials that can be emailed or handed to the prospect in person.
  • Think culture first: The ideal candidate is out there. Avoid hiring to fill an immediate need when possible, and if the candidate you hired isn’t working out, fire fast. Use group interviews and inexpensive online personality testing tools to gauge your candidate’s fit within the company. Your bottom line and company culture will benefit in the long run.


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