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County should reconsider memorial for fallen officers

It is with great concern for the families of our law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty that I write this letter.

What has happened to our three county commissioners, Maggie Hart Stebbins, Art De La Cruz and Debbie O’ Malley, when they deliberately deferred a memorial park in Tijeras for our fallen heroes who gave their lives for our community?

The proposed memorial belongs to all the families who have lost a loved one defending our community. It’s not just about my son, Deputy James F. McGrane, Jr., but all men and women who proudly wore the badge of courage and died for us all.

Can’t party lines be put aside for the sake of grieving families who live each day with a hole in their heart missing their loved one?

This is not a park for picnics. It is a place for families to reflect, pray and remember their loved ones. A memorial that we, the people of New Mexico, can be proud to say we do care for the men and women who died in the line of duty.

How can Hart Stebbins justify a $9 million refurbishment of a golf course paid by our tax dollars but care nothing about the individuals who lost their lives defending all of us?

I vote no confidence in our three county commissioners.


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We, the families of our fallen loved ones, want our memorial park in Tijeras. Our tax dollars would be better spent on that than on a golf course that nobody uses.

I am ashamed of three county commissioners, Stebbins, De La Cruz and O’Malley.

Commissioner Wayne Johnson cared so much that he reacted to the request of the families, and headed this project with love and understanding.

Again, I ask, please consider what this project would mean to so many people and show them that you care.