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‘Vintage’ Slum: The hip-hop group will feature De La Sol on its September release

Hip-hop trio Slum Village will release an EP and album later this year.

Hip-hop trio Slum Village will release an EP and album later this year.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — T3’s days are getting longer. Not only is the daylight lasting longer, the time on the road is, too.

“It seems like it’s never ending,” he says while driving to Santa Cruz, Calif. “We’re about six shows in and it’s been great but it’s a lot of traveling.”

T3 is a member of the hip-hop group Slum Village. The trio, which also includes Illa J and Young RJ, is touring in support of its 2013 release “Evolution.”


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The group has been through quite a journey since its inception in 1999. Slum Village has released six albums and two mixtapes. Its former members J Dilla and Baatin died and a third, Elzhi, left the band.

But coming up with the music in “Evolution” was a process that T3 says works for the trio.

“We’re always working on something,” he says. “When we’re on tour, we try to make beats and rhymes.”

In fact, Slum Village will unveil its new EP in June and then later this summer, a project called “Vintage” will be released. In September, the band’s next full-length, “Yes,” will be released.

T3 says the new album has a lot of collaborations and he is proud to have De La Soul on it.

“These guys are our heroes,” he says. “When we write songs, we try and think who would be great on the track. Then we call them up and reach out to them. Sometimes it works out and we’re happy. Other times, it’s not so great. But we try to keep pushing ourselves into different territory each time.”

T3 says getting De La Soul on the album was a good collaboration for the band.

“We have our bucket list of people that we’d like to work with,” he says. “Eventually, we’d like to throw out an invitation to Prince. That would be amazing to work with him.”

As for the rest of the tour, T3 says the band will continue its trek across the country bringing new sounds to fans.

“It’s amazing that we’re still able to do this for a living,” he says. “We’re pulling out all the stops for this tour and making it a fun night.”