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Nocturnal rockers: Electronic to Japanese rap, this new local band is influenced by many sounds

Nocturnal Company is new on the local alternative indie rock scene.

Nocturnal Company is new on the local alternative indie rock scene.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque’s Nocturnal Company might be brand new on the local music scene, but the band sounds just as seasoned as other alternative indie rock bands that have been around for years.

The fact that Nocturnal Company band members have known each other for years might have something to do with the way they connect. Although band members are each influenced by different types of music, the band blends those musical inspirations into something cohesive and flowing.

“We’re definitely not on the same page (musically),” Nocturnal Company vocalist and guitarist Gilead Davy McGahee said. “(Keyboardist) Isaac (Barba) likes a lot of electronic music and I never listen to electronic music too much. I’m more into traditional rock music. Our bassist (Adeel Rae) listens to hip-hop and R&B and Japanese rappers and all this strange stuff.”

Drummer Jacob Grey also chimed in about his musical influences.

“I’m influenced by metal, and most of the time I listen to metal or trance or classical,” Grey said. “Those are the three main genres to listen to.”


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Nocturnal Company’s current music catalog might have slightly more of McGahee’s influence in it. That is because McGahee wrote the lyrics and guitar parts before Nocturnal Company formed.

“I showed them the chords and the structures of the songs and they made up their parts accordingly,” McGahee explained. “We’re done with the pre-written stuff now and we can start making up random things together.”

The band is ready to begin writing new music, but wants to get a few more live shows in before trying new things out in front of an audience.

“Our bass player is adamant about us starting to improvise on stage,” McGahee said. “Since we are fairly young and have played only a few shows, we’re not that daring yet. We want to get through our set and get through our songs and have them sound good.”