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Will Webber bow to his own standard regarding insults?

Alan Webber has done many things that make it abundantly clear he just doesn’t identify with New Mexicans and would make a terrible governor.

From fundraising with a notorious domestic terrorist, to advocating for a government-mandated $4.50 per-gallon minimum gasoline price, to forcing people to drive “environmentally-friendly” cars, millionaire Alan Webber has proven that he is too out of touch to be governor.

And now, according to derogatory remarks he made on his blog, we also know that he would hold many southeastern New Mexicans in contempt.

Many of us in southeastern New Mexico speak with a little bit of a southwestern drawl. Webber thinks that’s worthy of scorn.


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When Webber blogged about meeting Texas Governor Rick Perry in 2011, he described Perry disdainfully as “twanging away like a hillbilly,” mocking his accent and the way he pronounced words like “can” and “business.”

Based on his comments, it’s clear Webber thought Perry was ignorant and not worth listening to simply because of the way he spoke.

Personally, I take pride in the way I speak. It’s an integral part of who I am and where I come from. I think many southeastern New Mexicans feel exactly the same way.

So when Webber insulted our accent, he wasn’t just showing scorn for the way we speak – he was also showing disrespect for our culture and way of life.

Knowing what he thinks of us, consider how he would treat public servants, businessmen and ranchers from our part of the state if he were in the Governor’s Office. Webber would ignore our concerns and ridicule us behind our back or in public, as he has done in his blog. New Mexico’s state government would be actively hostile to us.

People deserve to be judged based not on the way they sound or where they come from, but on the content of what they say. Prejudice like Webber’s has no place in New Mexico or America.

Last month, the media focused on Gov. Susana Martinez’s remarks made in a private conversation from four years ago. All that the recordings show is that governor uses salty language and is politically incorrect on occasion in private. Naturally, Webber thought he’d join in the phony outrage and score some cheap political points stating on Twitter, “If she doesn’t respect us, she can’t represent us.”

The truth is, as he stated publicly, Webber does not respect us. And therefore he cannot represent us.

We need to do everything we can to defeat Webber and re-elect Martinez. She’s done a great job as governor and we know that she not only respects us, but is one of us.