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Pair pulled over on I-40, busted for pot

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Two men traveling from California were arrested in Albuquerque with 64 pounds of pot, according to police.

Tri Nguyen, 23, and Johnie Vongphachanh, 19, were each charged Wednesday with distribution of a controlled substance and conspiracy, according to court documents.

Nguyen was driving a Nissan minivan on Interstate 40 when he was pulled over for driving to closely to another vehicle. Vongphachanh was a passenger in the van, according to the criminal complaint.

The police officer said Nguyen was acting suspiciously when he asked the man questions, according to the complaint.

Nguyen didn’t give police consent to search the vehicle, but a police dog detected an odor and a search warrant was issued for the van. Inside, police found the marijuana.


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