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Woman was shot three times; had meth in system

HAWKES: Fatally shot after 3-hour chase

HAWKES: Fatally shot after 3-hour chase

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A 19-year-old woman had high levels of methamphetamine in her system when she was shot three times in her fatal encounter with an Albuquerque police officer in the early morning hours of April 21, according to an autopsy report released Friday.

Hawkes was shot and killed by officer Jeremy Dear during what police described as an auto theft followed by a foot chase in which Mary Hawkes pointed a gun at the pursuing officer. Police Chief Gorden Eden said a .32 caliber semiautomatic pistol was found near Hawkes’ body.

The trajectory of all three bullets that hit Hawkes passed from the left side of her body to the right, and downward, the state Office of the Medical Examiner reported. The bullets entered her left ear, left upper arm and right shoulder.


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The OMI also described seven blunt-force injuries on Hawkes’ body, including on each knee, the top of her forehead, each forearm, her chest and back of her right hand.

Police were unable to produce lapel-camera video of the confrontation. Eden has not answered whether Dear neglected to turn it on or if the camera malfunctioned.

Hawkes’ death – APD’s 24th fatal officer-involved shooting since 2010 – prompted protests both at the site of the shooting and in front of APD headquarters. Hawkes was the only woman shot by police during that time period.

The shooting occurred just before 6 a.m., near the corner of Zuni and Wyoming SE, about three hours after police saw Hawkes driving a vehicle reported stolen earlier in April. Police trailed her but lost her in traffic.

Police later searched the abandoned vehicle and found items that identified Hawkes and her address at a nearby trailer park, where officers set up a perimeter. Witnesses later said they saw Hawkes jump a wall and run across a street, leading to a foot chase that ended in her death.