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Where they're saying Tony Snell will get drafted

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I caught up with former Lobo Tony Snell and his agent, former NBA player Mitch Butler, this week to see how they thought things went at last week’s NBA Pre-Draft Combine and in workouts earlier this week with the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks.

They are both excited about the buzz that seems to be growing for Snell. You can read their thoughts in the article that published in Friday morning’s Journal.

But what are the other people who follow and predict the NBA Draft saying about Snell? Many, but certainly not all, are jumping on board with the notion he’s a first round pick, which would mean he’d get a guaranteed contract and guaranteed money.


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Here is a look at some of the recent mock drafts from around the web (day the mock draft updated in parenthesis, though link may be a more updated version):

And here are all the measurements Snell recorded at the Pre-Draft Combine:

    • Height (with shoes): 6 feet, 7¼ inches

    • Height (without shoes): 6 feet, 6 inches

    • Weight: 198 pounds

    • Wingspan: 6 feet, 11½ inches

    • Body fat: 4.9 percent

    • Standing reach: 8 feet, 9½ inches

    • Standing vertical: 30 inches

    • Max vertical (running start): 36½ inches

    • Bench press (total reps of 185 pounds): 7

    • Lane agility drill: 10.36 seconds

    • 3/4 court sprint: 3.25 seconds

And again, here is the article that published in Friday’s Journal: Snell’s workouts boost stock

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