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‘IRS’ tax scam calls still making the rounds in ABQ

Tax-filing season may be over, but the numerous scams associated with it certainly are not.

I received yet another call today — at least the third in the past few weeks — from an Albuquerque resident who was the target of one of these irritating telephone calls purportedly from the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS LOGO 2 02-20-14In this case, he was told he had underpaid his taxes by $2,000 between 2009-12, and if he did not immediately make amends, he would be subject to arrest.

Not surprisingly, when he suggested to the caller that they review his tax documents over the phone to pinpoint the alleged error, the caller hung up.

Earlier this month, I received a call from an Albuquerque woman who was told by an “IRS agent” that she was in the process of being sued for “tax return fraud” and that she needed to pay $7,000 to make it go away.

Fortunately, she didn’t fall for it, either.

The bottom line: If you really do owe taxes, the IRS will contact you by mail, not by phone.


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For more information about tax scams — including tips on how to protect yourself from scammers claiming to be with the IRS — read the Federal Trade Commission’s April 7 advisory, “Fake IRS collectors are calling.”