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Fishing Line


At Bluewater Lake on Sunday,

Desiree Encinias caught a 24-inch rainbow trout. She was using night crawlers. … On May 16, Aaliyah Holguin , 6, caught and released her first tiger muskie. It was a 26-inch fish. She was using a spoon.

Tai Nguyen of Albuquerque caught a 34-inch, 10.5-pound northern pike at Cochiti Lake on May 20. He was using a Rooster Tail spinner.


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At Monastery Lake, John Kitchen caught a 21-inch, 4 ½ -pound rainbow trout on May 20. He was using a Panther Martin spinner.

James Williams of Portales caught a 6 ½ -pound catfish at Oasis Park on May 22. He was using a night crawler.

Elvires Otero caught a 6.12-pound channel catfish on Sunday. He was fishing the Rio Grande by Corrales and using shrimp.

Zella Rose Jimenez , 6, of Tijeras, caught a limit of rainbow trout on Friday at Santa Cruz Reservoir. She was trolling a 1/32-ounce jig 100 feet behind “Grampy’s” boat.

Sean Aranda , 7, of Roswell, caught an 18 ½ -inch catfish on Saturday at Ute Lake. He was using a night crawler.


SHADY LAKES: Over the Memorial Day weekend the trout in the Easy Catch Pond were biting very actively, with anglers being able to catch as many as they wished to. The Big Trout have become more of a challenge as their numbers in the pond have been fished down. They’ve continued at a steady 16-inch size, with the Easy Catchies running about 11 inches. PowerBait off the bottom for the Big Ones had the best results, while the Easy Catch trout still continue to bite on most baits (We don’t allow corn as bait). As of Tuesday, the highest number of reported bass caught and released is six with the action coming off plastic worms and spinner baits. The spawn appears to be over for both bass and bluegill. The bluegill are liking worms and flies, as usual. Shady Lakes plans to stock rainbow trout twice more before Father’s Day. Jan Phillips, director

NOTES from GAME & FISH: Fishing was very good at CLAYTON LAKE using garlic bait and assorted Power Bait from the band and Colorado spoons from boats for trout.


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Fishing at CONCHAS LAKE was good using night crawlers, homemade dough bait, liver and shrimp for catfish. Fishing was good using crank baits, minnows and spinner-night crawler combinations for walleye

Trout fishing at CHARETTE LAKES was very good using salmon peach PowerBait for 17- to 21-inch fish.

At EAGLE NEST LAKE, fishing was good using assorted colors and flavors of PowerBait from the bank and from anchored boats for rainbow trout.

Trout fishing at LAKE MALOYA was very good using salmon peach and garlic PowerBait, homemade dough bait, Pistol Petes, Kastmasters, Mepps spinners, wooLly buggers and parachute Adams.

Trout fishing was very good at MAXWELL LAKE 13 using PowerBait, Panther Martin spinners, garlic cheese, woolly buggers, salmon eggs and worms.

At MONASTERY LAKE, fishing was good using PowerBait, worms, night crawlers, salmon eggs and Pistol Petes for trout.

Trout fishing was very good at MORPHY LAKE using Power Bait, salmon eggs, worms, wooly buggers, Kastmasters, Super Dupers, Panther Martins, Pistol Petes and parachute adams.

Water flow on the PECOS RIVER near the town of Pecos on Monday was 193 cfs. Before the big rains, trout fishing was very good using bead-head prince nymphs, elk hair caddis, worms, PowerBait and salmon eggs.

Fishing at STORRIE LAKE was very good using salmon peach PowerBait and salmon eggs for trout up to 22 inches.

Fishing at UTE LAKE was very good using spinner night crawler rigs, crank baits, minnows and grubs for walleye. Fishing was good using crank baits and grubs for white bass. Fishing was good using liver, minnows, night crawlers and dough bait for catfish.

Fishing at BLUEWATER LAKE wass good using clousers, big streamers, spoons and jerk baits for tiger musky.

At FENTON LAKE, fishing was very good using Pistol Petes, woolly buggers, PowerBait, worms, homemade dough bait and salmon eggs.

Stream flow on the JEMEZ RIVER as of Monday was 40 cfs and fishing had slowed.

Water flow on the SAN JUAN RIVER below Navajo Dam on Monday was 255 cfs. Trout fishing through the quality waters was good using RS2s, scintillas, zebra midges, red larva, black ants, RS2s, hoppers and beetles. Fishing through the bait waters was good using small jerk baits, salmon eggs, night crawlers and Gulp eggs.

At ELEPHANT BUTTE, fishing was good using crank baits, jerk baits, curly tail grubs and minnows for white bass. Fishing was good using tubes, senkos, jigs and jerk baits for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

At QUEMADO LAKE, trout fishing was good to very good using worms, PowerBait, Pistol Petes, spinners and salmon eggs.