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Letter to the Observer: Op-ed unfair ‘smear job’ against 2 leaders


Kathy Korte’s recent op-ed was nothing more than an unfair smear job against two great leaders.

We should commend teachers and elected officials who stand up to the unions — not bash them.

Teachers’ unions have no interest in the education of our children; their job is to protect the teachers who pay their dues, regardless of how good or bad the teacher is! As long as the dues keep coming in, the unions will have money to pay off the politicians, who, for the past 60-plus years have kept New Mexico at or near the bottom of the every good list and at the top of every bad list.

Fortunately, Korte’s opinion is hardly credible. Just take a look at some of her whacky ideas — like telling kids to skip their tests. What’s next? No homework? Attendance not necessary? Just give everyone a passing grade so their “self-esteem”  is not damaged?

Korte is emblematic of all that is wrong in our public schools. She is a staunch defender of the status quo that is failing our kids. We should dismiss her attacks for the drivel they are.


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Rep. Tim Lewis, a teacher, is right. We need to recognize what Gov. Susana Martinez has done to support teachers and back her crucial education reforms. They have proved their effectiveness in other states, and are starting to show improvement in our New Mexico schools.


Yvonne Bonnie Gomez

Rio Rancho