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Remind us young! Then we’ll vote

In response to the articles about primary voting (“Voting in primary is primarily ‘an over-50 affair'” and “Early voting turnout slower than in 2010”), it is hard for the young to go vote in any election if we’re not aware of the primaries or who is running!

As one of those young voters who isn’t an independent it is quite difficult with college and a part-time job to remember when primaries are held and even harder to know who is running when we don’t get any information from the candidates.

If they, the candidates, are wanting to get our vote and if there is truly a desire to see more young people voting then it would be a great idea to target them as well as the elder crowd who may have more time to note the primaries and the candidates.

Yes, we young might notice the signs going up and cluttering the landscape at certain times of the year any given year, but we tend to have other things on our minds – finals, tests, projects, relationship issues, trying to keep other young drivers from running us over or crashing into us – so the signs do not register in our already taxed minds.

Yes, I am sure a few of us would ignore the attempts as we go through our day, but there are a few of us who when reminded, do check out our options and actually research the candidates to discover which one we feel is right for the job and will do us good as we get older and have more time to pay closer attention to such things.


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Regular elections are harder to ignore and so of course you’ll get more of us young out voting – mainly because we know we should and tend to do so when reminded. You have to remember that when it comes to the young, even up to age 40, we need to be reminded to take our heads out of the books, computers, tablets and phones to do an important part in changing the world around us.

We’re still focused on ourselves and will be for a bit longer, so give us a reminder, a gentle push and prod, and we’ll do our part. Those of us who desire to, at least.