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Letters to the editor

LYFT HAS BEEN a great experience for me. To get to class from my apartment, I usually take a shuttle to campus and then back home. When I got to the end of the semester and had to stay late at the art studio to finish my projects, there were a few times when it was late and the shuttles had stopped running. Lyft was an incredible help! To know I could safely get into a comfortable car and ride home instead of making the half-hour walk was a great relief and convenience.

Lyft’s pricing is far more reliable, and their drivers much friendlier and more personable than a taxi. I’ve used Lyft to get my friends and I home after going out to the bars and have recommended to friends that they download the app.

I love that I can track the car on my phone so that I can go inside for shelter if I feel uncomfortable or threatened. Even though I can track city buses via my phone, it is well understood that they are not particularly safe.


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If people from more levels of the social hierarchy start using the bus, it will improve, but for now I prefer to just get a Lyft!



I’M A LOCAL Albuquerque cab driver with a decade of experience in the industry. The cab business in cities with Lyft and Uber has been ruined.

These so-called shared ride services cherry pick the best trips by accepting only credit cards. It’s a wealthy-only service, leaving the poor and less fortunate to us. Also, these services have no limit on the numbers of drivers they put on the road. In most cities, the number of cabs is decided by panels of experts using population and growth expectations.

Lyft and Uber will put as many drivers as they can sign up. These drivers soon grow desperate and, because of the lack of any “first in line” system, they circle airports – because the closest cab to the airport gets that trip. Is it really “green” to have 12-15 cabs circling the airport? To ensure a consistent taxi service, this cannot be allowed. Any of these Lyft drivers can get hired at any of the three cab companies. We’re always looking for good drivers.

Think this through. It seems great now but give it 6 months, when these drivers not used to the accelerated maintenance on their vehicles start having problems.



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Rio Rancho

I WAS VERY excited to see Lyft come to Albuquerque. When I use the service, I get to connect with the drivers in new ways on every trip because they are very professional, warm, fun and friendly. The conversations are great – I have even received valuable feedback on my new business and computer software during rides. Those kinds of conversations don’t usually happen on taxi rides.

Since most of the drivers have lived in Albuquerque for many years, they seem to know the best routes. All of my drivers have been safe and professional.

I have used Lyft now for everything from social outings to business trips. Lyft drivers have never made me late or let me down. I will continue to use the service, assuming the PRC doesn’t shut it down!

New Mexico is making strong moves in home-grown economic development. I am proud of our state and honored to be a part of it. This is the kind of fast and efficient service Albuquerque needs as it takes the next steps to becoming a tech-, creative- and startup-friendly hub in the new U.S. economy.



I AM A wounded warrior with service in Iraq and I am a Lyft driver. Aside from feeling good about driving people safely from place to place, I also feel good about the conversations that I have with my riders.

“Lyfting” isn’t just about the ride, it’s about the friendships that form. We are all neighbors and this service gives us the chance to help each other out. One day, I picked up a mother who lives with her three children in a hotel room – they don’t have a car and I was able to take them shopping. I have another rider – a young blind girl – who volunteers at a Catholic school, and who can’t afford a taxi and who also has a hard time navigating the bus system.

I get many requests for rides from college students who don’t have cars and who need help with getting large items like bags of groceries back to their apartments or dorm rooms. Lyft needs to be allowed to continue to operate in New Mexico – the service fills some very important needs for everyday New Mexicans.