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MMA: Dana White weighs in

UFC President Dana White, who missed Saturday’s UFC Fight Night – Albuquerque while at a family gathering in Maine, on Tuesday harshly criticized the judges’ decision that gave Albuquerque’s Diego Sanchez a victory over England’s Ross Pearson.

The always outspoken White labeled the decision “insanity” and said the UFC will proceed as if Pearson won the fight. There’s no need for a rematch, he said.

Later Tuesday, White said on that Pearson would be paid the extra $30,000 he wold have earned had his hand been raised in victory Saturday night.

Regardless of White’s opinion, or anyone else’s, it’s highly likely the fight will remain on the books as a victory for Sanchez. The rulebook of the New Mexico Athletic Commission, as well as of other commissions around the country, does not provide for the reversal of a decision simply because most people (or, in this case, everyone other than two judges and Sanchez himself) disagree with it.


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The only grounds for a reversal or a setting aside of a decision are a mistake in tallying the scorecards; collusion or undue influence that resulted in a dishonest verdict’; or a misinterpretation of a rule that resulted in an unfair decision.

If there had been an error in tallying the scorecards, that certainly would have been addressed by now.

As for collusion/undue influence, the New Mexico Athletic Commission has received a formal complaint by the Pearson camp and said it plans to investigate the matter. But it’s highly likely this simply was a matter of two judges not seeing the same fight as the rest of the world. It happens, whether the sport in question is MMA or boxing.

There was no misinterpretation or wrong application of rules during the fight.

Tuesday, at the Athletic Commission’s June meeting, a special meeting was scheduled for Monday. At that time, the NMAC will discuss Pearson’s appeal and review the Jason High shoving incident.

High, angered by referee Kevin Mulhall’s decision to stop his fight with Rafael Dos Anjos and award Dos Anjos a victory by TKO, shoved Mulhall in frustration.

High will be invited to appear before the commission, either in person or via teleconference. He faces the possibility of a fine, a suspension or both.

Meanwhile, White announced Tuesday that High would be released from his contract with the UFC in response to the shoving incident.