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Letter to the Observer: Op-ed was ‘ridiculous smear’ against Lewis


Kathy Korte’s recent op-ed was a ridiculous smear job against Rep. Tim Lewis, a teacher, supporting our governor’s education reform efforts.

Korte begins by condemning increased allocation of funds toward education while simultaneously complaining about the out-of-pocket expense teachers bear for classroom supplies. She proudly touts being responsible for reducing the governor’s original $140 million allocation down to $100 million. I bet $40 million would save teachers from digging into their own pocket for classroom supplies.

No matter how Korte spins the new teacher evaluations, one thing is certain, the former pass/fail system was not benefiting New Mexico’s kids.

As Korte attempts to take credit for the 3 percent pay increase for all teachers, I would just like to say, thank you, Gov. Martinez. Thank you for balancing New Mexico’s budget so that those who claim to care may spend $140 million on our kids’ education if they wish to do so. Thank you for balancing the budget so that New Mexico does not incur debt to raise the pay of teachers at whatever levels APS believes deserve a raise.

I applaud you, Rep. Lewis, for standing your ground as Ms. Korte attempts to shame you by bringing party politics into education. Korte is emblematic of all that’s wrong in our public schools. She’s a staunch defender of the status quo that’s failing our kids.


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Rep. Lewis, you are correct, we need to recognize what Gov. Martinez has done to support teachers and back her crucial education reforms. They have proved their effectiveness in other states. In New Mexico, they will give more of our kids a chance to succeed.

Michele Walsh