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NAACP responds to APS’ decision, actions in Alvin Broussard issue

Dr. Winston Brooks


Albuquerque Public Schools


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Re: Alvin Broussard Issue

Dear Superintendent Brooks:

The Albuquerque NAACP is extremely disappointed that APS Superintendent Winston Brooks and the School Board condoned and approved the administrative decision to place former Sandia Athletic Director Tom Knauber on an APS “high priority” hire list. This action is offensive and causes one to question the motive of those directly responsible for this decision. This administrative decision also brings in the issue of race.

The NAACP strongly believes that if Coach Alvin Broussard was the perpetrator, he would have been at least suspended without pay, placed on probation and maybe terminated. To extend privileged treatment to Mr. Knauber is incomprehensible and a miscarriage of justice. This poor decision, on the part of APS leadership, will further influence African-Americans who are APS employees to question the legitimacy of their due process and equal protection rights within this educational system.

The Albuquerque NAACP demands that the APS leadership do the following:

  1. Rescind its action to place Mr. Knauber on any list for hire and terminate his employment. Two similar controversial acts committed by the same person should preclude any special treatment.
  2. If the internal investigative report contains any credible evidence of wrongdoing or illegal activity, on the part of Mr. Knauber, APS should immediately forward such evidence to APD for the filing of criminal charges.
  3. Issue an official statement of apology to Coach Alvin Brossard for placing him in a tenable situation throughout this process which may have influenced some segments of the public to question his professionalism, integrity and credibility.
  4. Strengthen APS’ personnel policy that will provide clear guidance to ensure such incidents are handled in a respectful and proper manner in the future.

Additionally, the Albuquerque NAACP will work to ensure Mr. Broussard’s civil rights and professional character are protected and restored.



President, Albuquerque NAACP