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Albuquerque water utility dissatisfied with Kirtland cleanup approach

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The managers of Albuquerque’s water utility have called a news conference this morning to emphasize their dissatisfaction with the latest steps being taken to clean up groundwater contaminated by a decades-old Kirtland Air Force Base fuel leak.

The agency’s board of directors, at a meeting Wednesday, are scheduled to consider a resolution calling for stepped up efforts to halt the spread of contamination toward the agency’s Ridgecrest Number 5 well, located near the intersection of Zuni and San Pablo SE. But apparently not satisfied with the drab setting of a utility board meeting for the discussion, the utility’s managers have taken the unusual step of calling a news conference this morning out at the well site to emphasize their point.

The text of the resolution (see below) suggests the water utility thinks current clean efforts are insufficient to keep the contamination from spreading. (The state of New Mexico agrees – here’s my latest story on that.)

Here’s the full resolution as currently proposed to go before the water utility board Wednesday:


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