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Letter to the Observer: City should not turn off water without notice


I just wanted to thank our wonderful mayor for his help the other day when the city’s water department turned off our water without notice over a late disputed bill. Unfortunately, it was too late to speak to someone at the water department when we got home from work, so I emailed the mayor and he called me within 10 minutes.

I think it is shameful for water to be turned off at all, let alone (for) a month-old bill. That is a sanitation problem and, with a medical patient in the home, it was shocking.

We need better control at the water department. I understand turning off gas or electric, but never water. It is a health problem. Let’s hope in the future they at least call a person before turning off the water.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for getting this situation to the right people and clearing up this mess quickly. You are the best!


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Rebecca Rork

Rio Rancho