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The Menzingers enjoy the freedom of working close to home

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Tom May is taking it easy before his show in Boise, Idaho.

In fact, after sound check was done, he was able to call his dad and do some interviews.

“It’s really a hit-or-miss kind of thing being on tour,” he says. “Sometimes you have tons to do before a show, other times I get a chance to relax.”

May is a member of the punk band The Menzingers. It released its fourth full-length album, “Rented World,” in April.

The Menzingers recorded in Philadelphia at Miner Street Recordings. It marked the first time the band recorded in the members’ hometown. They recorded the project with Jonathan Low.

“It was really nice to be closer to home this time around,” he says. “We had a lot more freedom and the only pressure on us was that of a deadline. We needed to get this album done and have it released by April.”

So May and the band, which includes Greg Barnett, Eric Keen and Joe Godino, wrote for nearly a year. He and Barnett are the band’s primary songwriters and worked together on many of the songs.


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“Although Greg and I write most of the songs, the entire band collaborates,” he says. “Each one of us holds veto power. If one member of the band doesn’t like a song, then it’s scrapped.”

Since the band began in 2007, May says it has tried to grow with each album and “Rented World” is no different.

“We’re older now and have been through some personal and professional battles,” he says. “I would hope that the fans can see our growth. We definitely can see it in the way we tackle the songs and writing.”

After the band’s current tour in the United States, it will head to Europe for a short stint.

“There’s something very humbling and mind blowing about touring in another country,” he says. “We have fans who are singing our songs and English isn’t their first language. It’s just amazing to see that happen.”