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City Councilor Matthew Ortiz Won’t Seek Re-Election

SANTA FE, N.M. — After more than a decade at Santa Fe City Hall, Councilor Matthew Ortiz announced Thursday he won’t seek re-election when his term expires next year.

Ortiz said twelve years as a councilor has provided him with “more than adequate” time “to achieve and to advance those issues that are important to me and my constituency.”

“I’ve witnessed than serving longer than 12 years in city hall breeds complacency and perpetuates the status quo,” Ortiz said in an email. “I’m proud to have stood up to and challenged the status quo in city government throughout my 3 terms.”

Ortiz was first elected to represent Santa Fe’s District 3 in 2000.

He said he plans to remain in politics and will run for another office in 2012. He said he’s considering three different positions, but declined to be more specific.



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