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Monsoon watch: Daddy are we there yet?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Those puffy white clouds yesterday afternoon had that look, that shy promise of a coming summer rainy season. But I feel like a kid in the back seat on a long car trip to Disneyland when I call the meteorologists to ask, “Is it the monsoon yet?”

No, son, not yet:

National Weather Service Albuquerque dewpoint tracker

National Weather Service Albuquerque dewpoint tracker

That’s the National Weather Service’s Albuquerque dewpoint tracker*, which the agency’s meteorologists update daily. The “official” designation of the start of the monsoon season in the southwest is June 15, but that only means it’s possible for the summer rains, not that they’re actually going to arrive on June 15. The actual start depends on a weather pattern that includes rising dewpoints. Meteorologists have found that sustained summer rains need multiple days with dewpoints – one measure of the amount of moisture in the air – above 47F (8.3C).

So no,son, we’re not there yet.

* The link sometimes changes. If it doesn’t work, you can usually find it (and lots of other useful Albuquerque weather info) at NWS Albuquerque home page.


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