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Pave the bosque?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — So asks Charlie Pabst after reading my column in this morning’s newspaper:

The central point of the column – that the valley’s farms and the riverside bosque consume far more water than our cities – is no surprise to water nerds, but is worth repeating for the general newspaper readership.


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I toyed with the “pave the bosque” thene and one of its derivatives, “put the Rio Grande in a concrete channel”, once before:

The notion of turning the Rio Grande through Albuquerque into a concrete channel like the Los Angeles River, while we drain away the groundwater beneath us and let the bosque die, is probably a nonstarter.

But the idea has a way of focusing the discussion, a sort of worst-case scenario defining one path we might be headed down without realizing it.

But it’s a good conversation starter, right? Or am I just trolling?

update: From a lively discussion over on Twitter, pguy makes the case for more water for the bosque: