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Man charged in Edgewood bicyclist’s death

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A pieced-together car turn light led Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies to the man suspected in a hit-and-run crash that fatally injured an Edgewood bicyclist earlier this month.

SAP: Charged with leaving scene of the accident

SAP: Charged with leaving scene of the accident

Shiloh Sap, 21, of Stanley was arrested Friday in connection with the crash that killed 56-year-old Michael Wolff, sheriff’s office spokesman Sgt. Aaron Williamson said Saturday.

“The knowledge of what happened is painful, but it is better to know than to not know,” Wolff’s sister Susan Wolff told the Journal.

Deputies had found the evidence at the scene, and later identified it as belonging to a Ford Crown Victoria sedan made between 1978-80. Deputies initially thought the light belonged to a heavy-duty truck.


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“Deputies logged numerous man hours in the area looking for information,” Williamson said in a news release. “On Friday night, they found what they were looking for, a Ford Crown Victoria.”

Deputies arrested Sap after a traffic stop.

Susan Wolff said one of the deputies, detective Greg Gallegos, worked particularly hard on the case and had a feeling he needed to be out near the crash site Friday night. Ten minutes later, she said, the suspect drove by in a Crown Victoria and was stopped.

While being interviewed by deputies, Williamson said, “Sap admitted to looking down to change the radio and when he looked up the bicycle was in front of him. He stated he was scared and wanted to call for help but was afraid his call could be traced.”

Michael Wolff

WOLFF: Died eight days after being struck by a car on June 6

Michael Wolff had been riding his bicycle on U.S. 66 near Barton Road around 7 p.m. June 6 when he was struck. He died in the hospital eight days after the crash.

Sap has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident that caused great bodily harm or death and careless driving. He was booked into the county jail early Saturday on $15,520 bail.

Wolff devoted his life to working with the disabled despite his own disability from cerebral palsy. He had worked for 20 years with ARCA and most recently with the Independent Resource Center, both agencies that provide services to the developmentally disabled, his family said.

Journal staff writer Joline Gutierrez-Krueger contributed to this report.