Fishing Line


John Nash

of Albuquerque caught a 40-inch, 15-pound northern pike at Cochiti Lake on June 25. He was using a white spinner bait.

Bob Lechel of Los Alamos caught and released a 4.02-pound smallmouth bass at Navajo Lake on Saturday. He was using a topwater lure.

Isaiah Ortiz , 8, of Ribera, caught a 28-inch, 12-pound channel catfish on June 23 at Storrie Lake. He was using night crawlers.

Marc Herrera , of Albuquerque, caught a 22-inch rainbow using trout chow on Friday at Shady Lakes.

George Garcia of Grants caught a 48-inch tiger muskie on June 19 at Bluewater Lake. He was using hot dogs.


ISLETA LAKES: Both SUNRISE and TURTLE lakes are doing well with catfish in both. Best baits reported have been garlic chicken liver, blood baits and sticky bait. A full stocking of catfish will take place in preparation for the Fourth of July weekend. Fishing hours are 6 a.m.-7:30 p.m., seven days a week. For more lake information call 505-244-8102. Carlos Trujillo, Isleta Lakes & RV Park

SHADY LAKES: We restocked on Tuesday with 1,500 pounds of rainbow trout, including some really nice trophy tTrout. The best success in the Easy Catch Pond remains with salmon eggs and worms with average size running 11 inches. The largemouth bass activity has slowed in the heat, with highest reported numbers of six bass caught and released in one day, using a variety of plastic baits. Earlier morning and mid-to-late afternoon has the best results. Best results with the bass is to fish near the water lilies. Bluegill are actively biting on worms, salmon eggs, and flies. Jan Phillips, director

SANDIA LAKES: The lakes are freshly stocked to capacity as of Wednesday with large channel catfish, and our tagged fish tournament has just begun. Contact the lake store at 505-771-5190 for more information. Jason Wiebenga, senior biologist

NOTES from GAME & FISH : Water flow on the SAN JUAN RIVER below Navajo Dam on Monday was 357 cfs. Trout fishing through the quality waters was good using red and orange larvae, beetles, ants, hoppers and San Juan worms. BWOs have worked well for some in the afternoon hours. Fishing through the bait waters was good using salmon eggs, worms, hoppers, ants, copper John Barrs and pins minnows.

Stream flow on the CIMARRON RIVER below Eagle Nest on Monday was 15 cfs. Trout fishing was very good using elk hair caddis, yellow sallies, brassies, worms, spinners and salmon eggs. Fishing at the Gravel Pit Lakes was good using Power Bait, spinners and elk hair caddis.

Fishing from boats at EAGLE NEST LAKE was fair trolling Arnies and Platte River specials for kokanee and rainbow trout. Angers fishing from the bank and from anchored boats did well using PowerBait for trout and worms for perch.

Fishing at ELEPHANT BUTTE LAKE was fair to good using tubes, chatter baits, jerk baits and topwater lures for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

At LAKE MALOYA, fishing in the morning and evening hours has been very good using salmon peach PowerBait, Pistol Petes, small spoons and a variety of flies for trout up to 23 inches in length.

Fishing at CONCHAS LAKE was fair to good using crank baits, topwater lures, tubes and jerk baits for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.

At STORRIE LAKE, fishing was good using night crawlers and PowerBait for rainbow trout.

Water flow on the PECOS RIVER near the town of Pecos on Monday was 58 cfs. Trout fishing was good using stone flies, bead-head prince nymphs, San Juan worms and night crawlers.

At UTE LAKE, fishing was good jigging live leeches in 12 to 15 feet of water. Anglers also reported success using deep diving crank baits. Fishing was fair to good using topwater lures early and late in the day and four-inch worms during the day for largemouth bass. Fishing was good using night crawlers and small jigs for bluegill.

Fishing at ABIQUIU LAKE was fair to good using spinner-night crawler rigs, tubes, jigs and crank baits for walleye. Fishing was good using tubes, senkos, jerk baits and topwater lures for smallmouth bass.

Monday morning water flows on the CHAMA RIVER below El Vado and Abiquiu were 190 cfs and 739 cfs respectively. Fishing below El Vado was good using Rapalas, night crawlers, hoppers and small emergers for a mix of brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout.

At MONASTERY LAKE, fishing was fair using Power Bait, worms and Pistol Petes for trout.

Trout fishing at QUEMADO LAKE was fair using Pistol Petes, spinners, PowerBait and worms.

Fishing at BEAR CANYON was good using night crawlers and beef liver in the late evening for catfish.

At FENTON LAKE, trout fishing was fair using Pistol Petes, worms, salmon eggs and PowerBait.

At SEVEN SPRINGS BROOD POND, fishing was very good using salmon eggs, hoppers, PowerBait and Pistol Petes for rainbow trout.

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