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Fresh air gambling is now available

Non-smokers who want to play the slots at the Santa Ana Star Casino no longer risk coming home smelling of cigarettes.

The casino on Santa Ana Pueblo land just west of the town of Bernalillo has created an enclosed smoke-free zone within the gaming facility that is equipped with its own air filtration system.

The 11,000-square-foot zone takes the place of the casino’s former non-smoking slot machine area. It is closed by a floor-to-ceiling glass paneling that completely separates it from the main gaming area, where smoking is allowed.

Previously, the non-smoking area was open to the rest of the casino. The glass maintains the sense of openness but it, and the separate filtration system, prevents smoky air from mingling with the smoke-free air, said casino spokeswoman Shannon Guess.

Guests can access the smoke-free area directly from the parking lot without having to go through the main casino floor. It is equipped with 250 slot machines, self-service beverage stations and the Mesa Grill restaurant.


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There are several sets of automatic doors that connect the smoke-free zone with other areas of the casino such as the Party Pit, where table games are located, and The Stage night club, Guess said.