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Dealer follows in his family footsteps

Danny McCallister is the owner of DPM Motorcars. (Glen Rosales/For the Albuquerque Journal)

Danny McCallister is the owner of DPM Motorcars. (Glen Rosales/For the Albuquerque Journal)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Danny McCallister didn’t necessarily set out to be car dealer – even if his father sold Dodges in the 1970s, and his grandfather had a Studebaker dealership in the 1950s.

McCallister originally wanted to be a geologist, studying the discipline for two years at the University of New Mexico.

But even then, the auto lure was too much to deny.


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“I still sold cars even when I was in college,” McCallister said with a chuckle. “I still have a couple of brothers who sell cars.”

So with that type of background, it’s pretty easy to see that cars are in his blood.

“I’ve been doing this for 40 years,” McCallister said. “It’s been all right. I’m still doing it.”

Even his dad, Ross McCallister, couldn’t get enough of it.

“He worked here right up until he died,” McCallister said.

DPM Motorcars operates out of a site tucked away on Utah Street, away from the bright lights and lots of Lomas NE, but it works just fine for him. He originally started it as a wholesale business, selling cars from one dealership to another, and it morphed into a lot that also sells retail.

“I’ve been here 20 years,” he said. “You don’t need a big, fancy lot on Lomas anymore. If you have a good, strong showing on the Internet, you can do well.”

Like most children of car dealers, McCallister grew up on the lot, doing whatever needed to be done.


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Usually that meant doing the dirty work like cleaning the cars and lot. But occasionally he got a chance to park the cars.

“I learned to drive pretty much everything with wheels,” McCallister said.

When it comes to what he likes to buy and sell, however, it’s a bit of a mix.

“Anything that’s fun, I like,” he said. “I like Harleys and little RVs.”

And for some reason, McCallister turns over quite a few diesel vehicles of all varieties.

The McCallister run, as least from his end of the family, might be coming to an end as none of his children has shown an interest in the business.

“But I was able to put them all through college,” he said. “And that’s the important thing.”