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Sports Speak Up! July 13, 2014

  • LIPSTICK ON A PIG? Be advised you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear when talking about “improvements” at UNM’s University Stadium.

– Aggie4Life

  • BASEBALL PLAYERS suing their former minor league teams for back-pay. Wow! They knew what they were going to get paid when they chose to chase their dreams by playing professional baseball. Talk about sour grapes!

– PG

  • TO SEE ADULTS crying over a loss and a win is pathetic. ThE USA has thousands of sports tournaments at the high school, college, and pro level and you never see adult fans crying, win or lose. Borders on immature and childish. South American soccer fans need to get a life. As the QB for Alabama stated after the heartbreaking loss to Auburn, “it is just a ballgame.”

– Dan, Paradise Hills

  • AMERICANS denouncing soccer (el futbol) as uninteresting … even “unAmerican”? It’s a sport that requires athletic ability and is economical to play. Players have to be conditioned, skillful, tough, and don’t have to be of outsized physical proportions. What’s not to love? Detractors talk up basketball. The only thing exciting is players 7feet tall dunking a basketball. Where is the challenge? They get a full two points for that, also. Make it so only players under six feet get two points for a dunk. Taller players get one point. Miss a free -throw; lose a point. Four fouls per player, per game. Now you have a game that requires smart players of whatever size. Bye, LeBron.

– Herb, Socorro


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