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Professional snake handler claims python that stalled Santa Fe truck

SANTA FE – A professional snake handler who works on movie sets on Monday claimed a Burmese python that got into an engine block and stalled a pickup truck in Santa Fe last week.

Dusty Webb, who will appear in an upcoming History Channel series, said his python, named Eve, apparently used her nose to nudge her way out of a cage that was secured by a table strapped on top.

Webb was away working on a television series when Eve escaped. “Snakes are very smart,” he said. Webb said he was “sick to my stomach” that Eve got out. “It will never happen again,” he said.

Webb acquired Eve and a male python named Adam about a month and a half ago as a breeding pair, and they haven’t had any screen time, yet. “The boy python’s been so sad and depressed,” Webb said.


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The pair “are not big enough to hurt a human or a large animal, but they do eat mice and rats,” he said

Santa Fe Animal Shelter officials said in a web posting Monday that Webb will take possession of Eve after animal control officers inspect his home. Webb said he’s paid for Eve’s care at the shelter and also picked up a “professional animal care” permit.

A woman’s pickup stalled near Zia Road and Camino Carlos Rey Thursday and, when the hood was popped, the nine-foot-long snake was discovered. Authorities say the python probably crawled into the pickup at the motorist’s home several blocks away.

Webb said Eve suffered a couple of cuts on her tail and a burn mark. He’ll use a combination of medications, including horse salve, to treat her.

Webb also does volunteer work as a snake rescuer, removing rattlers or diamondbacks that make their way into bird feeders or other parts of human habitat, and then releasing them into the wild. Anyone who needs that service can contact him at, he said.

His film credits include “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” the recent comedy filmed around Santa Fe.